Join Smoky Hills Audubon Society
Joining Smoky Hills Audubon Society & New way to contribute through Dillons Community Rewards Program!!!
Background information - According to Audubon's Chapter Policy, all National members who reside in a Chapter territory are assigned to their respective Chapter; a Chapter serves members throughout its territory. Only $2.75 of your annual NAS membership dues go to Smoky Hills Audubon Society (SHAS). NAS and SHAS are both nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations.

Choice 1. Join National Audubon Society (NAS) and become a member of our chapter at the same time. Receives all the benefits of national and chapter membership for just $20, the one-year membership. Click on Benefits to see national benefits, like the bimonthly Audubon magazine.
To Join Click HERE to go to membership page of the NAS. In dropdown menu be sure to select our chapter code 'J06' so we can be properly credited with recruiting you. Thank you.

Choice 2. Become a Chapter-Only Member of Smoky Hills Audubon Society (SHAS). 100% of the chapter membership dues will be used locally for critical local chapter work. Download Chapter-Only membership form HERE.
For members that are already NAS members, we hope you choose You may choose to become both a NAS national member and a Chapter-Only member of SHAS, thereby supporting NAS and directly supporting SHAS
Help Preserve the Natural World! As a member you are joining a community of people who care about nature and support the work of our conservation network across America and around the world. The National Audubon Society and Smoky Hills Audubon Society are both nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations.

Choice 3. Sign up for Dillons Community Rewards Program! Smoky Hills Audubon Society has teamed up with Dillons Stores as a benefactor of the Community Rewards Program. It's easy to sign up online using your Dillons Plus Card number, and best of all it is completely FREE! Simply enroll your Plus Card online by clicking HERE and pick Smoky Hills Audubon Society Inc or our NPO number 86468 as your designated nonprofit, then every time you shop our local Audubon chapter will earn! This program has no effect on fuel points, is totally free to participate in, and takes just a few clicks to begin. You can even keep track of your contribution online under your account summary. Lastly, you can easily switch from our organization to another if you wish to spread your contributions among more than one nonprofit.

Choice 4. Mail donations to PO Box 2936, Salina, KS 67402-2936. Make check payable to SHAS. If you have specific program that you wish us to apply your donation, let us know. For example, Sanctuary Maintanence, Educational and Speaker Programs, Capital Improvements, like new riding mower.