Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Wildlife Sanctuary.

About the Sanctuary

Our largest education and conservation effort for over 25 years has been the protection and development of the Smoky Hills Audubon H.V. Lear Sanctuary. The sanctuary is open to the public. This 66-acre preserve is near the intersection of I-70 and I-135 on Stimmel Road about a half mile east of ElSaline school. Our sanctuary is on the north side of Stimmel, featuring a beautiful 20-acre pond and numerous trails through prairie and woodland habitat. Trails, a photo blind, and bench resting areas are strategically located throughout. Our members support the Sanctuary through donations of time and money. The Sanctuary is available for environmental education by individuals, schools, scouting groups and others, or for visits by anyone seeking to enjoy nature. There are numerous native and non-native trees fringing the bluebird trails, as well as native grasses. Wildlife include deer, possum, raccoon, turkey, bobwhite quail, pheasant, red-tailed hawk and numerous species of birds and waterfowl. Though the setting is noisy because of nearby interstate traffic and motocross arenas, it is ideal for nature photography.

Enjoy Nature!


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